13 bizarre rules in Cricket you need to know this IPL

Cricket is one such game that is followed religiously in India. There lies a cricket lover in almost every home in India and IPL 2019 has bought back the crazy cricket fever with a bang. Yes, a bang where Mankad law has just raised the level of curiosity about IPL 2019.  Cricket Mankad law is one such law that we came across after really long time. Likewise, there are several other rules in the Cricket game which are rarely put to use. Now, if the wicket of Jos Butler has really surprised you, wait we have some more unfamiliar rules of the game that will make you feel bewildered.

1. No rule of Bail

Playing cricket without bails is permitted under the cricket laws. A recent example of bail rule was on June 9, 2017 when heavy winds were blowing during the match of Afghanistan and West Indies. It was difficult to place them on the stumps hence they were removed with a unanimous decision.

2. No wicket without any appeal

It is hard to digest that but this is one of the bizarre laws of cricket game. According to this law, umpire cannot declare out until and unless the fielding team has appealed for it. If there is no appeal made to the umpire then no wicket is taken.

3. Cap rule

If the fielder catches the ball after it has touched its cap or clothes, it will be considered a not out. On the other part, if the ball touches any other part of the body and the fielder catches it, it is considered out.

4. Dead ball

While suspended in the air if the ball is hit by any spider cam or drone camera it is considered dead ball. It won’t be counted even if the fielder catches the same.

5. Mankad law

Cricket Mankad law has been named after Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad. The law states that if the non-striker is out of the bowling crease before even the bowler makes his throw. He can be stumped out. Just like, we saw the previous day in IPL 2019.

6. Three-minute rule

Batsmen need to appear on the pitch in the given time of 180 seconds. If failed to do so, he/she will be declared retired hurt

7. Ball handling while playing

No batsman is allowed to obstruct the path of the ball from hitting the wicket either through arms or his wicket. If a batsman tries to block the ball he will be declared out.

8. Double Batting

If a batsman hits the ball deliberately more than once for a single throw, he will be declared out. However, if the attempt seems to be unintentional the double strikes are not considered out

9. Call back

The fielding team captain can ask the umpire to withdraw even if the batsman is declared out by the umpire. Although this happens in the rare of the rarest cases where a run out has occurred because of a crash between batsman and fielder.

10. Penalty decision

You must be amazed by this particular rule as it gives an upper hand to the batsman. During a match, if wicketkeeper places his helmet on the ground and it is touched by the ball. Five penalty runs are awarded by the umpire to the batsman just like that.

11. Spirit of cricket

Keeping in mind the spirit of game one cannot keep more than two fielders on the leg side in any forms of the game. Because by keeping the fielders on both sides behind the batsmen will increase the propensity of delivering bouncers by bowler which may harm the batsman.

12. Finn Law

After the continuous warning attempts made to the bowler, Steve Finn failed to improve. Hence this law has been incorporated in the cricket game after his repetitive attempts. It states that if a bowler breaks the non-striker’s end stumps than it will be called off as a no ball.

13. Forfeiting Match

An entire inning of a test match can be forfeited. The very famous example of this bizarre law dates back to the year 2000 when England was playing against South Africa. Due to the recurring rain event, South Africa captain Hansie Cronje made an offer to forfeit the entire test series.
How unfamiliar these laws seem to be but their existence is evident. As a cricket lover, you should be aware of these uncanny rules and should not be left confused. Cricket mania has just begun with IPL 2019.
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