7 essential gym accessories for a perfect workout!

As cliché the headline of this blog seems, I’m sure your perspective would not be the same by the time you are done reading the whole piece. Now, we all know gym has become more than a necessity of life. Especially for the ones who work 9-6 job. This sitting job just sucks the life out of you. Going to the gym might just be the respite you are looking from the boring corporate jobs. Trust me, it is just the initial days that you need to move your lazy bones, after a week or two you most definitely would chose gym over a mug of beer! Well, there is a term called cheat day for those kinds of priority anyway.
We all know the essentials that you need to take to gym. There is no rocket science to it. You have to carry a water bottle, a towel, apply deodorant or carry one if you sweat more than usual. These are not essentials; these are more of palpable items. Here are the not-so-known essential things that you should carry to gym and you better follow or at least try:

Carry a sanitizer
Those who have been to gyms before would definitely understand the importance of hygiene. With all those masculine people lifting heavy weights tend to sweat profusely. However, as natural as it is this could be unhealthy for those who are sensitive. It is always good to carry a sanitizer. Apply it before you enter the gym and lift all the equipments carefree! Though, please be careful of that 0.01% germ that every sanitizer tends to miss. Pun intended.

Coffee in that shaker
Other than protein shake in your shaker, you can also try coffee minus milk, cream or sugar. Downing a shot of black coffee before you hit the gym doesn’t just give you an added energy boost, but also offers a whole slew of health benefits. Caffeine can offer functional benefits such as accelerating fat loss, increasing performance, improving focus and reducing muscle pain.

Deodorant rollers
We all know the body odor excessive work out can cause. Now multiply it with minimum of 20 other people in the same room. Yeah, it can be suffocating especially with summers coming in. Thus, arises the need of the deodorant, but the fragrance tends to wear off eventually while working out. Running to changing room to spray the deodorant can be icky. So, you can always carry deodorant rollers in your pocket. They are highly cheap and compact. So, whenever you take that 10 seconds break between the reps you can quickly apply it on your neck, nape and shoulders.

Chewing gums at gym?
There are varied theories behind chewing gum while working out. Few say it helps them focus, while others do not really consider it healthy. However, we deciphered to still carry it to gym because once you are done with your intense work out, it’s important that you feel fresh afterwards. In addition, it is important to cut down post-work out cravings. No point gaining what you just lost!

Fidget Spinners
While fidget spinners are no more in trend, they still can be one of the useful items which you should carry to the gym. It helps you time your rep and keeps you motivated. How it really works is simple, flick the spinner and do as many reps of the exercise listed until the rotations come to a halt. Just remember, this isn’t Cross fit you guys… so don’t aim for crazy rep numbers while throwing technique out the window.

Headphones and good playlist
There is no doubt that music can motivate you more than a break up! Yeah, we all have been there. These days all the gyms play most exciting music. But, what ticks you to work out is only known to you. That one song can give you the Josh to complete that one last set you are almost about to quit. So, make sure you have ticked it in that gym essentials checklist. Try out Procus Urban collection of Bluetooth headphones and stand out when you wear these bad boys.

Get that WILL
No matter how many motivational blogs you read, you can not initiate your work out or lose those carbs unless you are strong willed. No one can force you to hit the gym as It is you who can motivate and actually work on it. It does not only helps you look good but feel good.

Along with feeling good, now look cool with vibrant Bluetooth headphones from Procus which are available in Red, Blue and Green. #STAYURBAN

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