8 Ways To Make Your Honeymoon Memorable With Action Camera

 There is no doubt that smart phones are irreplaceable for the usual shooting. Its easy handling and timely accessibility gives it the edge over other cameras. But when you are globetrotting with your loved one a smart phone may capture you but won’t capture your soul. While you are planning probably the most romantic honeymoon, will your phone or DSLR be able to withstand water, snow or sand? They are  so fragile for certain activities that you often miss capturing those wonderful moments of your honeymoon. Besides the rugged appeal and compactness of action cameras is often like the third wheel you wouldn’t mind on your honeymoon.
Here are the most unforgettable moments you often forget to capture on your honeymoon:

Record the first dinner date!
The butterflies you get when you see the one you love, the feeling that you want to keep this one person happy for the rest of your life. You can always plan a romantic dinner. Bring the flowers, play the tracks your beau loves and dress up like you are meeting for the first time. And, when she walks down the aisle, boy your heart will skip a beat. We know that moments will be etched in your mind and heart forever, but there is nothing wrong in capturing the moment. Maybe when you are 70 or 80 down the lane you can play the video and it will be like as if it all happened yesterday. And, that’s why you would never mind to take an action camera, it is actually like a wing-man to you.

How deep is your love? Asked the water!
Whether you are planning a getaway to the beach or mountain, you have not ‘honeymooned’ till the time you have done the water sports together. Be it the rafting, cliff jumping in the valley of Rishikesh or Scuba diving, surfing in the beach of Goa or Bali this must never be missed. The excitement of splashing into the water would strike the chords of your heart with your loved like never before. But, did you pack an action camera with you? How would you show your kids the crazy memories you had. With Procus action camera Epic and Rush you will have the opportunity to capture all liberating emotions under water. Do share your underwater selfie with us.

‘Time lapse’ the sunrise and sunset:
Watching the sunrise and sunset is the most romantic thing you can do on your honeymoon. Be it the in the chilly mountains or at the breezy beach, having this mesmerizing view with your partner can bring you two closer more than ever. But, in the hoard to capture the moment we tend to take out our cell phones and fiddle to take photographs.  Forgetting the real idea behind ‘honeymoon’ is to spend the quality time with each other. So, do not forget to pack an action camera along. With its easy mounting tools you can place it anywhere and leave it to do the rest. You will never forget it, for the joy of spending the moment together and being able to capture the same.

Relive your childhood, go cycle again!
Marriage may be the next big step towards life. But, no one says that you should forget to live. The best way to know someone is may be to know their inner child and befriend them. Try to go on cycling , venture the wilderness together. It might just help to burn some carbs and rejuvenate your love. Forget the worry of holding the phone and riding at the same. Mount the action camera on the handle and let it record the unlimited memories you build with love.

‘Slow-mo’ the pillow fight!
Who says your honeymoon has to be only about love and romance. Add some spice and fun to it. Try out some silly stuff. Not every day has to be about roaming around and witnessing boring mountains and architecture. Spend some quality. Play indoor games. Try out pillow fight or just chase around the corner. And, best part you can try to capture the slow-mo of it. Bet, this could be the best and the most romantic social post you can curate.

Take the leap of faith
Even if you are afraid of doing dangerous stuff, one must try it out. It gives you the essence of trust and faith in your partner. And, that you will be always together in the high and lows. Carrying fragile cameras or cell phones are a big no-no. Try out stuff like bungee jumping, flying fox or river crossing together by simply mounting the action camera on your safety helmet and record the thrill. This might actually turn out be one of the hysterical moments where your partner may chicken out. Word of advice never laugh, rather assure you are there no matter what.

Travel ‘Love’fies
Taking a selfie on any trip is a mandatory tradition, and on honeymoon you can just not forget it. This is where you will realize the importance of an action camera. It’s often seen that you don’t always find people to click a hundred pictures of you.  Here comes the role of action camera, its wide angle lens frames so much of your surroundings that you wouldn’t be able to do with DSLRs or smart phones. So go ahead make the whole saga of your ‘love’fies at every point of your travel. However, do not forget to live in the moment.

Record your whole day’s trip
Once all the adventure and fun is done you may also visit the local forts and monuments. As, tiresome roaming around can be you may skip capturing the beauty it holds. With chest strap availability in Procus Epic (50 accessories) you can just place it and let it record all the beautiful places and architecture you witness. Like they say life is not all about highs but lows as well, staying together is all the matters.

Now you know all the things you could have done on your honeymoon, if only you had the action camera with you. With Procus Epic and Rush you would never regret having it as the third wheel on your pretty honeymoon.
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