Are Indian Roads Too Posh For A Dash Cam?

Yes, simply because we love to spend our finances, time and efforts in dealing with the aftermath. Indian roads are so safe and the drivers are just so well coordinated and disciplined that we hardly find the need for a dashboard camera. Isn’t it?
Here are some of the reasons why you should NOT buy a dash cam.

Road Rage! Indian drivers are by far the calmest drivers

As per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2015 of all the cases of road rage 33 people out of every one lakh unleashed the wrath while driving on Indian roads. We obviously won’t ever come into that statistics. And, “Tu janta hai mera baap kaun hai” is the utmost verse in our pious bible called HowToDriveOnIndianRoad which gets us out of every situation.

We trust our kids or do we?

According to the NCRB report, 1,538 instances of rash driving and road rage were committed by juvenile drivers across the country.  Installing a dash cam in our child’s car is a little overboard, don’t you think? When you say that “My son can never do that” we trust you completely, but would law too?

Because Indian roads are not so full of idiots

Traffic rules in our country are a tad bit different than anywhere else. Red actually means go. We are extremely creative that ways. We often end up with meeting various John Abrahm from the movie Dhoom making their way out from the maze created by the higher weighing vehicles. On one not so fine day they get unlucky and sadly we too. But, why would anyone install a dash cam and collect evidences. Like why?

A cam on dash or a friend?

On a road trip with your friends there is always that one pal who would always poke you to record every twist and turn until you reach the destination. Why install a dashboard camera when you can be one yourself. After all a friend in need is a friend in deed. No?

Cars are always safe at ‘No Parking Zone’

The only place where your car can be safe is perhaps in front of a ‘No parking zone’. You pay for the parking ticket and then you pay for the dent you got in the parking lot. “Economy ese hi toh chalti hai”. It might just take a few more dents to have a camera on our dashboards. But who are we to say anything?

There are no scammers in India

Remember those old stories where you heard people jump in-front of vehicles and claim that its the fault of the driver? But gone are the days where these scammers put themselves in danger. Yup those guys have really advanced now from those simple tricks. In some really modern parts of India cows, goats, pigs are now used as bait and pushed infront of cars. Why these animals you may ask yourself? Well, that’s the beauty of these scams – as not only you have to pay for the animal that has been injured or god forbid killed, you have to pay for that animal, and 5 next generations which could have made the owner more money. If this isn’t brilliant, then nothing is.

Still need more sarcastic reasons not to own a Dash Cam? If not, here you go!
Procus Convoy is a good start for a Dash Cam for your vehicle. Go ahead check it out, and don’t wait for the day when something does happen and you look in the mirror and say.
Damn, I wish I should have bought one that day.
That day is today. Check it out! 

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