Moto-Vlogs: Rising Trend Amongst Bikers

On a motorcycle, it’s not just about traveling from one place to another. There is a freedom that comes with that from stress, worries and all the little things of your life. The mental peace that comes along with it has the power to navigate the bikers to cloud 9 and what can be better […]

Father’s Day gift ideas for every kind of DAD!

If a Mom says she’d be going out and you will have to stay with your dad for the next couple of days, the kids burst into cheer. This clearly means dinners of pizza, burger and relaxed video games time. But, there are also kids who are not quite sure if they will even get […]

Virtual Reality Technology: An unconventional gift for Real Life!

When you hear the word virtual reality somehow all kinds of games strike your head. The exhilarating thought to live your favorite game is almost dream come true, where you see the 3D of your favorite characters from the game. You get to have extreme control over the environment with real life experience. Isn’t that […]

Top 7 water parks of India for perfect family vacation

Have you ever noticed the change in the television ads when summers kick in? All of a sudden all of these things are about cooling off the heat or kids getting drained because of scorching heat, all the soaps becomes the ‘thanda thanda, cool cool’ for some reason. But you sure have to admit, that […]

6 pro tips on how to use an action camera

Action, you blink and it’s gone! That one moment from your favorite game, split second’s wow moment of a street dancer or the moment sun sets below the horizon. A moment missed is a moment gone and it is not just about clicking the moment but getting it right. And, all decisions are made in […]

Let your underwater camera capture best summertime memories

Remember the scene from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dubaara’ where Hrithik Roshan takes the leap of faith to do the scuba diving. And, he comes out with the stunned reaction? Well it is indeed the most liberating experience. Underwater sports can really leave you speechless. You may even come out as a complete different personality. Entering […]

6 best treks in India that should not be missed

It is the time when thick layers of snow start to shred off for the real beauty to come out of hibernation. Summers the time valleys go green again and livelihood comes to its normalcy. It gives the adventure lovers the chance to walk the trails they could not last season. With the warmer rays […]

Hiking vs Trekking vs Mountaineering! What to capture on your sport cam?

Going through the same dull routine, traveling through same roads and getting stuck in traffic for long hours under scorching heat? Just stop for a minute take a breather. Think what your heart wants? All it needs is a small break to rejuvenate the soul somewhere in the middle of wilderness. Once you have decided […]

What are Action Camera Accessories Really For?

You know what makes superhero a real hero? It’s the smartest sidekick. For all who thinks “I have an amazing action camera, let’s travel”. It won’t take you more than one trip for you to realize the accessories required to make the action cams so good.  Think of recording a time lapse at the beach, […]

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