Ultimate Travel guide before you leave for summer vacations!

Summer vacations, you most definitely deserve it! The feeling of no work and home-work can be exhilarating. With summers hitting the season’s next cycle, we all tenaciously start planning for our year’s most awaited outing. Deciding, whether to experience mountain’s chills or pleasant breeze of the beaches is all exciting. But, what’s daunting is the […]

7 essential gym accessories for a perfect workout!

As cliché the headline of this blog seems, I’m sure your perspective would not be the same by the time you are done reading the whole piece. Now, we all know gym has become more than a necessity of life. Especially for the ones who work 9-6 job. This sitting job just sucks the life […]

No tickets? Watch IPL 2018 on Virtual Reality

  It is an absolute sports fever going viral all across the nation. With an exquisite sporting performance by the Indian athletes at Common Wealth Games 2018, we all could not be any more proud. And, then was the time for IPL (Indian Premier League) which is beyond boundaries, race, color and creed. The joshful […]

6 Essential Tips to Buy the Right Headphones

If the sound of a song reaching your ears is sufficient then dear reader this blog is not for you. We are talking about those who understand the music to each wave single strum creates. From the sound’s frequency till comfort, an audiophile knows the exact need of having the perfect set of headphones. Getting […]

8 Ways To Make Your Honeymoon Memorable With Action Camera

 There is no doubt that smart phones are irreplaceable for the usual shooting. Its easy handling and timely accessibility gives it the edge over other cameras. But when you are globetrotting with your loved one a smart phone may capture you but won’t capture your soul. While you are planning probably the most romantic honeymoon, […]

Are Indian Roads Too Posh For A Dash Cam?

Yes, simply because we love to spend our finances, time and efforts in dealing with the aftermath. Indian roads are so safe and the drivers are just so well coordinated and disciplined that we hardly find the need for a dashboard camera. Isn’t it? Here are some of the reasons why you should NOT buy […]

Things you din't know you could do with your Action Camera

Who says action only happens when ‘Mountains are calling or Beach is home’?  You see action in everyday life. All you need to have is an eye for it. We buy the action cameras and keep waiting for the thrill to knock our doors. We often don’t buy it. But that’s okay, not all of […]

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