Carefree Holi celebrations with an Action Camera

Festival of colors is on set to make its mark. With just two days left we are sure by now you must be done with shopping of your favorite packs of colors, water guns, water balloons etc. But Holi is not just about colors splash but also about creating memories. This is one festival, which brings out the photographer in almost everyone. Be it your Dad, aunt, mom, your siblings or even neighbors everybody clicks and wants to get clicked.
Yes, we do understand that clicking pictures during Holi can be really challenging especially when the universe around you is painted multi-dimensionally. But what is fun without a challenge. With the world pacing up high tech we have come up with wonderful specific technologies. Nowadays we have action camera loaded with amazing features which enhances photography skills of even amateurs and are the best way of clicking pictures without getting extra cautious. The best part about the action camera is that it captures your canvas and at the same time let you experience. So its best mix of celebration and creation.

Why not a phone

In the festive celebration, there are high chances that your phone might get damaged. Whereas an action camera enables you hassle-free access. We do know there are a lot of pro features available in the smartphones these days but they are subject to the limitation in festivals like Holi, unavoidable water splashes, unalarmed color sprays etc make it difficult to use your phone. With an action camera you can participate and at the same time create magical videos and pictures. They come with a range of accessories that makes them adaptable for any situation. There compact size and mobile nature makes them very handy to use. An action camera has pro features like wide angle fish eye lens, time lapse, drama shot and slow motion.

Get in the action with your Action Camera

Click the crowd

During Holi you witness streets loaded with rainbow elements. Apart from clicking your peer groups, do capture the spirit of the street. Engage yourself in the crowd and click magic around. Click the free throws of colors and notorious smiles pouring down the faces.

Variety of Shots

We all know that variety is the spice of life. Try to click as many as variations like aerial shots, close-ups, high angles, slow motions to enhance the timeline of pictures. The unique angles are more gratifying than plain ones.

Click unlimited

Storage should not be a problem during celebrations. An action camera provides with better storage abilities where you can click unlimited pictures. It gives you more than sufficient space to click even random strangers drooling themselves in the colors.

Tell Travel Tales

You can easily mount up your action camera on your vehicle be it a car, motorbike, cycle or even your helmet giving you the best moving shots possible. So travel around and get the best shots all around your town. You never know you might even come up with a short documentary to recite your Holi Story.

No fear of splash

With mobile phones, comes a big limitation i.e. protection from water. You have to wipe down your hands and click the pictures which mean altogether being extra cautious. Action cameras come with water proof case so you don’t really have to bother about the splash of colors. Instead, go get drenched and be part of cool pool parties without a single nerve strain.And if you are planning to host a Holi party we are sure you want the moments to be forever. Be a high tech host and mount your Action Camera on a Drone. Get aerial shots with ease.
This Holi even if you are targeted with colored canon no need to panic. Just raise your hands and cherish the water vibes. Your gadget is guarded along with your memories. So upgrade your creative stint with an action camera and bring out the best-colored version of every nook and corner around. Capture the carefree mood of the festival. Set yourself free-spirited and deliberately careless with more colorful clicks. Enter the crowded streets, DJ parties and bring back a lot of wonderful framed memories for yourself.
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