Choosing a Backpack That Matches India’s Needs

The use of backpacks has undeniably gained popularity over the years for their practicality use in carrying personal stuff. Whether to school, workplace, to the gym or to travel, the easiest way to take with you your belongings is to use a backpack. But how do you choose the right backpack for all your needs? Here is how to go about it.

Choose a Backpack That is Ready to Adapt to Needs

Indians needs are diverse. As such, it is hard to design a backpack that suits every need of each buyer. However, finding a universal backpack for all your needs shouldn’t be hard. You need a versatile backpack that can seamlessly blend in with your looks at the place of work, at the gym or in travel excursions. Journey with me as I reveal all the feature and qualities of a perfect backpack that will help you make an informed decision when you plan to purchase.

 Design and Shape

A backpack’s design and shape matters in so many aspects. Although most people are oblivious of this feature, it is a handy feature that should be considered when purchasing a bag. Some backpacks have a feminine design while others are purposefully made for men. Nevertheless, most packs are unisex in the making. In general, everybody wants an attractive design. As a worker, you want that minimalistic look that makes your bag work appropriate and at the same time displaying professionalism.

Additionally, a bag that maintains shape is stable and comfortable. Not only does it keep its contents in perfect shape but it also conceals one’s purpose. Imagine removing your stuff from the bag and finding them deformed. It’s very frustrating. To avoid this, choose a bag with a hard material. A bag whose material is soft is most likely to collapse and lose shape when not full. A well-designed backpack is one that balances practicality and style.

When choosing your pack, place it down before purchase and ensure it does not fall. Having an upright backpack feels great, you don’t have to wash it regularly as it doesn’t get dirty quickly.

Should be Upright

Nobody wants a falling backpack. It is irritating, stressful, discomforting and gets dirty quickly. When choosing your pack, place it down before purchase and ensure it does not fall. Bags that stay upright are of durable and sturdy materials. Often; they are either leather or nylon in the making. Having a n upright backpack feels great, you don’t have to wash it regularly as it doesn’t get dirty quickly. Also, it lasts longer, so you won’t have to buy them often since they are long lasting.


Backpacks made of high-quality material are long lasting and can be useful for several years. A variety of materials are used to make the packs. The majorly used materials are leather, nylon, fabric, cotton, canvas, and polyester. Most bags are fiber made as it is susceptible to waterproofing coating. It also has acceptance to abrasion and puncture coating making it more popular for making classic backpacks.

For those who commute using bikes, ripstop nylon made bags are the best. The material is light-weight, sturdy and doesn’t rip easily. It is also the best option for those who like adventurous hikes. Overall, there is no particular best choice for a backpack material if you are to choose, opt for something that is durable, sturdy and waterproof.


Durable backpacks are leather or nylon made. They have strong straps and sturdy zippers. Also, put into consideration the sewing pattern. Usually, bags deals with a lot of rough stuff therefore double sewing is preferable as it is firm and does rip easily. For bikers, hikers and those who carry heavy luggage, double stitching is also an ideal choice.

The safety of your property should be the primary concerns especially when commuting. When walking in crowded places, it is almost impossible to avoid sneaky hands.


The last thing you want is to lose your valued stuff while commuting on crowed trains or metros. The safety of your property should be the primary concerns especially when commuting. When walking in crowded places, it is almost impossible to avoid sneaky hands. Luckily, anti-thefts backpacks have been made purposely for this reason. The best anti-theft backpacks have various protective features such as low key look which doesn’t attract attention. For those who like bright colors, it may be hard to welcome un-invited visitors. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t lose your property.

Some Specific backpacks have locking compartments with hidden zippers and pockets. Also, the straps should be cut or slash proof to ensure your bag doesn’t get off you quickly. Having an anti-theft bag is super cool. It gives the assurance of your stuff’s safety, and you can comfortably travel to wherever you want.

Weatherproof Bags

Sometimes, the weather can suddenly change without your notice. In India, it frequently rains unpredictably. When that happens, you may destroy valuable items in your backpack, or you may get soakingly wet. To avoid that from happening, choosing a waterproof bag is inevitable. Make sure you’re your pack is made of waterproof material and comes with a rain cover so that everything doesn’t get wet at little drizzles. When purchasing a waterproof bag, you should be able to pour a cup of water on the surface without getting a drop inside.

Additionally, the rain cover can prevent your stuff from getting dusty. Having a weatherproof backpack feel great as you do not have to worry about the weather suddenly changing and ruining your belonging.

USB Charging Cable

Phones have undeniably become part of our life. You can’t possibly say you will spend a few hours with a phone that has no charge calmly. Keeping your phone charged has almost become a basic necessity. India is a country of smartphone user. That’s why a backpack with a USB charging slot is the best for commuting. Teens and grown-ups are always glued to their phones either reading their favorite blogs, following favorite shows or looking for exciting news on the internet. However you use your phone, you definitely will not use it without power.

Besides charging your phone, you have also advantaged to charger your other electronic gadgets such as tablets or laptops on the go ensuring you are always in touch with your family members, friend, and co-workers. Being able to charge your phone from a backpack is the best feeling ever. You stay connected all the time.

However, if you regularly commute by bikes or you leave your home early at dusk and return with dark, buying a backpack with a reflector is most important

Night Safety

Indians have a generic urge to take shortcuts which can easily cause an accident where one is using the wrong side of the road or at dimly lit streets. At other times, it is the pedestrians fault for not wearing reflective materials especially at dusk or in the dark. However, if you regularly commute by bikes or you leave your home early at dusk and return with dark, buying a backpack with a reflector is most important. It will prevent unnecessary accidents if you are walking on the wrong side of the road or are not visible.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Buy a backpack with a fluorescent material that is bright and noticeable. Most backpacks with reflectors have superb visibility for daytime cycling, daytime running or walking.

Easy Access Pockets

You don’t need to open the whole backpack to get your water bottle or access your office cards and identification cards. Choosing a bag with secure access pockets is essential for maintaining organization and composure. Some bags have pockets on the straps that are conveniently located within your reach where you can conveniently store your car keys, your card, change, and water bottles. Others have stretchable side pockets that are within your hands reach.

Additionally, Most bags have multiple compartments to help you divide your stuff and maintain organization. You are also able to quickly and easily access the things you need without disarranging the others. It saves more time having to go through your whole bag to get a small item.

Mobile Holder

Just as we said earlier, mobile phones are now part of our daily life. We are always with them no matter where we were are. To avoid misplacing your cell phones, backpacks nowadays have mobile holder pockets that have a crushproof compartment. Not only do you get to keep your mobile phone safe and secure, but it can also hold other fragile items securely such as your pair of sunglasses.

With mobile holder sleeves conveniently placed on the shoulder strap ensures that  your phones is always in your reach.


There is no definitive size for the perfect bag. Space is a relative feature and is dependent on the amount of stuff you want to carry with you. A spacious backpack should be proportional to your body size while at the same time being able to accommodate everything you need. Most bags have multiple compartments. The small chambers can be used to carry smaller items such as headphones while the main compartment can be used to carry your clothes, laptops, and books. Others have elastic side pockets that can be used to take larger items such as umbrellas and water bottles.

Additionally, some people prefer relatively smaller backpacks. For example, if you are a student, you don’t necessarily need a large backpack to carry a few books and a laptop. There are smaller bags designed for that. Mini-backpacks are especially popular among college youths. They could be an ideal choice for people with little luggage who do not worry about forgetting something.

There is always something admirable about bikers. Whether it posture, their dressing or backpacks.

Biker Friendly

There is always something admirable about bikers. Whether it posture, their dressing or backpacks. It is still fascinating to watch bikers ride around. A biker’s backpack is particularly unique in the making. For example; it is durable, waterproof and tear resistant.

If you regularly commute using a bike or a bicycle, a backpack with an airspeed is the ideal choice as it drifts away from your body to promote cooling. You don’t want a back that will rub against your back and make you all sweaty and wet in the middle of your commute.

Additionally, the bag should be tear resistant. As you speed, the air friction is usually high enough to tear the bag. Therefore ensure you’re your bag is abrasive and friction resistant before making your purchase.

Usually, you are bound to interact with many vehicles while cycling. To ensure your safety, a bikers backpack should have a fluorescent material that is bright and easily noticeable like a reflector.

Lastly, ensure your biking backpack is waterproofed or has a rain cover. There is a lot of moisture in the air, and you are most likely to get your stuff wet if you don’t have a waterproof bag. It should also have a cargo system that keeps your items organized and ready.


Your comfort should be the primary feature to consider. You won’t want a backpack that is going to hurt your back. You also don’t need a stressful bag with no way of adjusting the straps. But how do you ensure the pack you purchase will be comfortable? Well, it’s a somewhat ambiguous question, but the answer lies within the straps, the padding, and the backside shape. Lightweight and ergonomically backpack would not hurt your shoulder. The straps should be adjustable and broad in a way they won’t bother you even if it’s overloaded. They should relieve your back and shoulders the weight and place it on the leg muscles making enabling you to carry heavier loads for long.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to try it on the store making a purchase. If the back doesn’t have a contoured and padded shape, then it doesn’t have the arched shape of your back and will most likely hurt your back. More so a comfortable backpack is easy to pack and unpack stuff. It is exceptionally flexible in shape and size.

Final Thought

Choosing the best backpack as an Indian resident can be quite overwhelming. There is no definitive conclusion for the perfect pack. It all depends on one’s needs and preference. However, no matter which type of bag you are looking for, there is some essential factor to consider. Remember to look for the most comfortable, durable and more robust backpacks. In the end, you are looking for a versatile bag, so you won’t have to carry multiple bags to wherever you are going.

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