Father’s Day gift ideas for every kind of DAD!

If a Mom says she’d be going out and you will have to stay with your dad for the next couple of days, the kids burst into cheer. This clearly means dinners of pizza, burger and relaxed video games time. But, there are also kids who are not quite sure if they will even get to go out of the house, because let’s face some of us have dads who are really strict. Father’s presence in a kid’s life is highly essential but not always appreciated as much as the counterpart. No doubt being a mother is hard, but being a father is equally harder. We all know dads can be less expressive but they hold the softest corner in their hearts for their kids irrespective of the kind of dads they are.
Sometimes small gesture can make big difference. A small gift to your dad on Father’s day can really light him up. And if you are still wondering what you should really buy this father’s day, check out the gifting ideas for every kind of DAD!
The adventurous DAD:  He’s the dad who wakes you up for morning run, takes you to basketball or takes you to hiking or to your Karate class. He is someone who has your weekend planned with all the travel destinations, always up for some action. This dad thinks he’s just one of the kids who wants to relive his childhood and isn’t afraid to do it through his child. He might be four times the size, but he wants to do everything his kid does too.
Gifting idea: Plan a road trip to places like Goa or Rishikesh, relive all the exciting moments with him and let him record it all. And action camera is one gifting options for your dad which will surely make him happy.

The overprotective DAD: He’s the dad who ferries you everywhere and makes sure you are right on the doorstep of your friends’ house or at your destination. He’s always around you to support you through thick and thin. No matter whatever situation you are in he is always there to hold you when you fall back. He’s one of those who would scold you in person but would fight the world for you. They are the overprotective ones.
Gifting ideas: All through life these dad have spent their time worrying about you. It’s time for you to take care of them. Gift them a dash camera that will keep them protected on roads which is full of idiots.
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The Nostalgic DAD: ‘Back in 1960s’ the favorite opening lines of some of the dads. Talking about all the life adventures from the golden days and how times have changed over the period. He makes you appreciate how you now have a better life thanks to his perseverance and hard work.
Gifting ideas: These dads somehow wish to have more proof of what they have faced in their lives. They love to build memories. So why not gift them an action camera, because it’s easy to operate and are handy. Let them capture all the new memories.
The Trendy DAD: He’s hip, has a great sense of style and the latest rock albums by the hottest bands in his car. He can hold a conversation with youths on the latest trends, be it cars, gadgets, celebrities or viral topics. These dads are highly careful of what they are wearing and staying fit. You’re proud to ‘hangout’ with such a cool dad and show him off to your friends.
Gifting idea: For trendy fathers there should be a modish gift. These dads are usually into tech and gadgets. You can gift him a Bluetooth headphone to make is style more hip. You can check out different variants of Headphones by Procus here.

‘He can do anything DAD’: Then there are dads who have an aura. They have this personality which creates a massive impact on everyone around them. He is your guide, confidante and someone who is not part of your regular decisions but have massive influence on all the important ones.

Gifting idea: Procus Emperor is the perfect gifting idea this father’s day. These are Bluetooth total wireless in-ears. They have the classy look, chic appeal and massive sound beats which will vibe the exact personality of your dad. And, you are in luck as you can get attractive discount on this.

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