Hiking vs Trekking vs Mountaineering! What to capture on your sport cam?

Going through the same dull routine, traveling through same roads and getting stuck in traffic for long hours under scorching heat? Just stop for a minute take a breather. Think what your heart wants? All it needs is a small break to rejuvenate the soul somewhere in the middle of wilderness. Once you have decided to get closer to the nature and take a leave, one curious cat in your office will definitely ask you, “Where you off to?”. Trekking, hiking or mountaineering? So you know, or really just being ignorant? Before you step out to get into the wild you need to know what exactly you are up for. And, be prepared accordingly.
There is a trail for every kind of person. From short relaxed hike to hardcore mountaineering here’s divergence in their meanings you should definitely know!

Hiking is said to be the easiest activity of the three. These are one day trip and the difficulty level is moderate. It is mostly just to get closer to the nature with least efforts put in. All you need to find is the nearest hiking trails around you. Select one unanimously with your friends and hit for the hike with a backpack. It usually needs limited equipments, lot of food, water and windbreaker in case the weather changes. Wear shoes which are easy on feet, comfortable and should be breathable. Hiking takes somewhere around 3-8 hours of travel with either same starting or end point or different. Hiking however the easiest of, but doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging. Do the proper research on the selected trail and check reviews of others. Make sure you have all the hiking essentials in your bag to have unforgettable moments with friends or family. Hiking trips can be easily planned over long weekend, so do not waste those days being a couch potato!
 Don’t stop yourself from checking out these beautiful hiking trails in India

Trekking is just an extended version of hiking in terms of difficulty level of trails, the distance, number of days to cover it and equipments required to carry along. Trekkings are often not on a well marked trail. One needs to carry more gears, food and water for the time spent away. It is not an easy job to trek; it requires adequate level of fitness and good sense of navigation along with soaring motivation. Sturdy pair of shoes is a must for pleasant experience, because blistered feet can sour the whole experience. You might even need to carry a sleeping bag and tent equipments as you may have to camp on your way to the destination. Alternatively, when trekking in some locations, you may have the option to stay at small lodges, mountain huts or even bed and breakfasts along the way. This obviously is more relaxing but living with wild is all together different experience. So trek the Himalaya and share your experience in the comment box below.
Trails near you that will  create memories to cherish lifelong

Mountaineering more than just a challenge, it needs a fanatic soul for whom tackling steep mountains is as easy as for a mountain goat. They do it to know the beat of our heart inside us. This no kid task, it requires high level of proficiency, fitness with zero fears and 100% confidence to beat the altitude.
It is always suggested to take these trips in groups or under the guidance of a professional. It requires advanced skill like rope work, rock climbing and pinpoint navigation and sometimes mountaineer even needs an assistance to carry the equipments and supplies. Kinda like Mt. Everest Expedition.
Footwear is of immense importance here, boots which are scientifically designed to stay tough all through harsh conditions. Always choose shoes wisely. Mountaineering indeed is a challenging task of all the three. It requires multi-day trips with enhances physical and technical training. In addition, having more mountain gears is not suffice the usage of each equipments should be on tips. Common there is more at stake here. The experience sure short will be marvelous than the above two. Here, a long weekend won’t work you might want to try for sabbatical leave here.

While the difficulty level varies of each of these trails, however each kind has its own unique experience to offer. You just have to decide which one you want to pursue.
Mountaineering destinations in India to make you a lot braver

So, now you know exactly what to capture on your sport cam?
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