Moto-Vlogs: Rising Trend Amongst Bikers

On a motorcycle, it’s not just about traveling from one place to another. There is a freedom that comes with that from stress, worries and all the little things of your life. The mental peace that comes along with it has the power to navigate the bikers to cloud 9 and what can be better if they can experience the entire journey all over again along with sharing with the friends.
The same thought of narrating their journey while riding has given a rise to a new trend amongst the bikers and that is called Moto-vlogging. The bikers record their riding videos on action cameras and live their journey all over again and share their riding experience with people. Almost all the bikers have the love for traveling, however, their shooting style is what makes them different.
One action camera that can be their co-rider in their journey is “Procus Rush” that comes with a range of useful accessories. You just have to Plug and Play and you are ready to record the pleasant experience.
There are a number of motorcycles and traveling enthusiasts who share their traveling experience by sharing their videos with the people and one of them is Deep Gogoi, also known as Captain Gogo, an avid rider, who loves riding and moto-vlogging. He started as a Solo rider in the year 2017 with the passion of exploring India and currently, there are 300+ riders in his team under Royal Brothers Club.

His journey of joining Royal Brothers Club is also the outcome of his passion towards biking and exploring. He has a sweet simple story behind that when on a winter morning his casual discussion along with the morning tea with his friend gave him an idea of starting a riding club in order to keep the culture of riding alive. Since then he has completed 18 official rides and there are many more to come.
He always knew that balancing between work and life will be a difficult task. However, his inclination towards traveling is what kept him motivated and he chose to go ahead with his passion with a thought of capturing the travel memories forever by recording them. His best companion in his journeys/rides has always been Procus Rush Action Camera so that he never misses a chance to record his long rides.
He always wanted to connect with nature and to promote safe and sensible riding while exploring different places and for the same reason he chose to have Procus Rush Action Camera to capture memories with better color and quality so that he can share better videos that themselves speaks about his connection with nature and encourage youth to ride safely along with recording the smallest of ride experiences.
Speaking about his best traveling experience with Procus Rush, he always remembers his long 164 km trip to Bhutan when he had to ride in heavy rain along with hail storms. He wanted to capture the slightest of the moment so that he could live that all over again later and also let other people know the experience. Procus Rush action camera took all the beatings with the best output
He rightly said, ” His Journey continues until his SOUL is destined”. He is surely an inspiration to all the bike and travel enthusiasts along with all those people who want to travel but could not do so because of the hectic work schedule like all of us.
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  1. Captain Gogo

    Thanks Team Procus for the article .

  2. Rakshith Gowda

    Awesome..! I’m feeling proud to be a part of RB Club..

  3. I know this Rider

    Excellent article

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