No tickets? Watch IPL 2018 on Virtual Reality

It is an absolute sports fever going viral all across the nation. With an exquisite sporting performance by the Indian athletes at Common Wealth Games 2018, we all could not be any more proud. And, then was the time for IPL (Indian Premier League) which is beyond boundaries, race, color and creed. The joshful game comes packed with full-on entertainment, sports and a whole lot of drama.  It is an opportunity to cheer for two favorite players from different countries at the same time. You know why!

Now, what makes IPL so spicy and addictive is its T20 format. With all sixes flying around, cheerleaders dancing, DJs playing ravishing music, it’s practically desi Coechella . Unlike an ODI match it ends in 3 hours like any Bollywood movie, Full Paisa Vasool. Four tons by Virat Kohli in a single season, hat-tricks by several bowlers, unbelievable catches, exciting super overs, is not something you get to see in some ordinary cricket matches.

It’s been more than a decade ever since the cricketing extravaganza has come in. However, IPL 2018 witnessed some major alterations. The season seems to be highly influenced by the football trend from our western counter part – Football. Giving you the quick recap, the teams will have two jerseys- home and away for the matches. So, if the team of your choice had enough budgets, it would be seen in two different jerseys.  In addition, IPL 2018 comes with mid-season transfer. The rule is however applicable for uncapped and overseas players while the capped players have been excluded. Talk about ostentatious-ness of the season. The teams will also have the opportunity to get one review per innings.
Now what is revolutionary is the actualization of the promise to take cricket experience to next level with virtual reality tech. The introduction of VR technology has enabled thousand of fanatic fan of IPL to experience all the matches in real-time. VRT cameras are mounted at the stadiums to provide a better experience for viewers at home, office etc. All they have to do is visit Hotstar and put on their VR box.

The VR experience of the IPL 2018 is touted to make it possible for fans to come closer to the matches right from their couches. This might give you the chance to find out your favorite player’s dopplegangers or closer glance to cricket’s famous fans like Sudhir Kumar Gautam.
The app from Hotstar will allow users to not only watch the match but also react using cricket emojis, select different camera angles, commentary languages and access on-demand replays. Hotstar is now one of the many global media streaming apps which offer a Sports VR experience, but the first one in India. However, a VR headset is required for using this new feature and what’s better than varied range of Procus VR.
Get IPL- live with Procus One, Brat & Pro.

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