Procus is gifting Partner for KKR

Procus, one of the fastest growing e-commerce stores in India, is proud to be the gifting partner of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for the 2019 edition of IPL.
Since cricketers are always on the go, the next thing that they love to spend time with, after, of course, their game, is technology (gadgets).
For instance, have a look at the above video. How after a tiring game of cricket the entire squad of KKR is enjoying a swim with the Procus Action Camera. Many cricketers believe that no matter how fatigued their body is after a game, all the muscle tension and aches tend to disappear when they get time to pursue other hobbies, like swimming. We just added a ‘gadget touch’ to it and see just how happy they are.
Have a look at this video now where KKR players are practicing with one of the Procus Action Cameras mounted on the stumps. The best part about gadgets, be of any kind, is that they come in handy while both pursuing your passion and profession. In this case, once the players are done with practicing, they can take a good look at the videos and see the areas where they still need to improve as a batsman/bowler.
What a shot! Sunil Narine, way to go! We are pretty sure that once Narine is done practicing and has a good look at the video, he would repeat the same words for our action camera – What a shot! – loud and clear. Practicing in the nets was perhaps never so much fun for the team.
Procus is not just limited to cameras. See the bags clutched at the shoulders of KKR players in the above image? That’s Procus Yakuza – a hard-shell bag with a patented design – a symbol of sheer power and strength. Although the ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ need no distinction, the Yakuza bags just made them stand a class apart.

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