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Featuring the India’s most liked VR. With lenses measuring at 40 mm, enjoy an immersive viewing experience and watch the world come alive.

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Procus ONE is proud to present you with the pair of VR glasses featuring the largest lenses available! Measuring at 40 mm, you can enjoy an expanded Field Of View, surpassing 100 degrees! Wearing our headset offers a fully immersive viewing experience, allowing you to stream movies and pictures, play video games and enjoy your phone’s apps like you’ve never had before!


We’ve gone to great lengths to protect your vision, without compromising your viewing experience. Our VR glasses are made with superior quality, polished HD optical resin lenses with 8 layer nano coating, imported to India through special orders to outfit our headset. Our glasses’ lenses offer an unparalleled FOV, while they also reduce eye strain and glare, affording prolonged, comfortable headset wear.


This VR headset can be worn while wearing glasses and also be effortlessly adjusted to cater to those with nearsightedness or farsightedness, too! With a built-in, IPD – Interpupillary distance adjustment feature and adjustable screen distance, you will make the most out of your headset! Thanks to its comfortable, adjustable leather headband, leather head support and foam face cushioning.


This superior headset is suitable for most popular Smartphone makes and models with 4.7″- 6″ screens and a gyroscope feature! Compatible brands and phones include, but are not limited to, Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, Samsung phones, Lenovo K4 Note, HTC, LG, Windows phones and much, much more!


(Works great with Inbuilt Touch Button of PRO, Gamepad controller NOT required to play) After 6 months of hard work, PROCUS proudly presents to you ISOLATED 3D VR. An hour long spine chilling HORROR VR GAME that comes with PROCUS virtual reality devices.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21.59 × 17.78 cm

47 reviews for Procus One

  1. S P Prerit

    The product is Good. I really liked it. With this amount product works fine. It was a very great gift.

  2. Ashirwad

    Nice one, must buy

  3. Guru

    Good quality product

  4. Rajith Rajappan

    Good product . It could have been better if there was clear instructions to download which games

  5. Prasanjeet

    If I talk about picture quality, then it is amazing picture quality.
    And not to say that comfort is so comfortable, that it feels I put on some glasses.

  6. Ravindra Purohit

    This product is amazing 🤩🤩🤩 value for money and use simply for any ios or android and best quality, features


    It is nice to control and picture quality.

  8. Aamir Sultan

    Product is good. Packaging was also good. Picture quality is awesome but the only thing I found is that it is little comfortable in nose area.

  9. Dave Jay

    Great hd 360 viewing experience!

  10. Kamleshwar

    It’s a decent VR headset for most smartphones. Also at an affordable price

  11. Mastan

    Its really very comfortable.. Compared to others.. Vid3o quality also good

  12. Shivani

    Nice product

  13. Jass

    Product is good and I got what I was looking for. Good quality materials used for the product.

  14. Rajat

    Good product. My mom loved it.
    Fits most of the phones.

  15. Aditya Raj

    nice product

  16. Neelam

    Nice product. Nice build quality. Feels premium and performs its function well

  17. Anil kumar

    working fine

  18. Sahil

    It’s great for watching movies and listen songs also for play games .it’s best quality
    Lens quality are best .

  19. Deshiksai

    Picture quality is Okay

  20. Maruri jayasimha reddy


  21. Sankalp

    No problems yet its very easy to use and set up just takes upto 10-15 minutes.But I can’t use the game which is provided with it due the fact i have an iPhone but I found more games and apps on the store it wasn’t that much of an inconvenience tbh.

  22. Aadhin

    Satisfied with the product and it was a nice gift to son ..he is happy with it ..thanks for keep time line delivery

  23. Yash D

    VR works fine if you’re playing 1080p or higher. Check your phone’s resolution before buying it. Full HD+ phones are preferred.

  24. R M Gupta

    The product is good and after wearing it feels like u r physically present at the place that u r watching

  25. Sathi

    Good quality

  26. Ravi Verma

    Paisa wasul product
    Increase screen size like 6 inches display phone are easily fit

  27. Mohit Sachdeva

    Its a great product

  28. Ankit Agarwal

    Good build quality with nice picture. Lens can be adjusted in both directions and is comfortable to be used with specs

  29. Saksham

    This is a quality product. Made of plastic but sturdy. It allows you to adjust the focal length and the distance between the 40mm lenses. Don’t buy a headset which lacks this feature. Foam cushion for your face, I’m a fan. Adjustable headstraps is a plus.

    But the main reason I bought this is because it supports phones with screen size up to 6 inches. I was originally gonna buy Zeiss VR One but that one only supported a max screen size of 5.5 inches. This one works just fine with my phone, although there are two blank strips on either side of the 16:9 screen of myphone, so you’ll need to do some lens adjusting before you get a immersive experience.

    It has room to connect your wired earphones and charging cable while you’re using it. You can also take the cover off allowing you to use your phone’s camera for an AR experience, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

    The only negative point and why I withhold the 5th star from my rating is because the headstrap starts to hurt my ears if worn for a longer period of time like when watching a 3D movie. Improve the headstrap, add more cushioning to it so that my ears don’t hurt after a long use.

  30. Dr Komal

    Gifted it to a friend and its a great buy for begineers just wanting to have fun. Fun thing to gift also holds up well acfter almost 2 years.

  31. Abhay

    Quality is ok. There is pixelation which reduces the fun.

  32. Sanket

    it was my first VR and i would say it was a good experience to have.

    Best in the range.
    light weighted.
    portable and easy to operate.
    good space to attach headphones/Earphones and still maintains the feel.
    good space to attach variety of mobiles. can fit most of them.
    totally magnet based materials are there to attach/detach.
    comes with good packing so you can use that at a time of travelling.

    no sponge or any soft material near nose area so it might cause lil irritation.
    no buttons to operate so without remote you may find it very difficult to change the video or increase the volume etc..
    without headphones/earphones you may find it difficult to hear the sound as the intensity of voice goes very low.
    belts could be better.

    Nice product.. good to start with VR technology. if you are looking between 1500-2000, This could be a best choice.

  33. Praveen

    Good product, you can go for it.
    1- we can adjust lens in both the direction( width+length), same feature is available at rs 1200-1400 also.
    2-quality of material is good, feels premium, might be the reason for higher price than other brand.
    3-straps are fully adjustable and comfortable as there is no stitching.

  34. Hardik

    Best vr experience at low price, may be you need to try if you going put step in vr experience

  35. Ritika

    Well, it’s a nice product with good quality of material. 1st experience with vr and that too amazing. Thanks procus

  36. Ayush

    Really very useful product.
    Buy it now !!!!!!

  37. Tarun Hooda

    Awesome…..!! The build quality is great….the lens adjustments are really good…..and the click button does work…
    I have used cheaper ones….but I can say this one is a much better product

  38. Nishant

    Excellent!! Great value for money compared with high-end standard VR Headsets! I feel this is the far best in class in budget category headsets.

  39. Praveen

    Amazing Experience –
    Best in range.. Light weight and Easy to operate but only issue is no sponge or any soft material near nose area so it might cause little irritation.

  40. Priyank

    Best VR

  41. Sachit

    Best in Class.. Nice product !!

  42. Smridhi

    Good Product !! Must buy !!

  43. Nikhil luthra

    Procus one is simply amazing for watching 3D movie. Experience is good. According to price it is very good product.

  44. Rohit Indora

    Nice experience with VR. It’s lenses are made of good quality and it’s very durable.

  45. Amit Sharma

    Its incredible, comfortably worn by everyone. Its used by everyone in my family including my kids and they just love it. It has perfect adjustable leather headband and head support. I am really very happy with the product. Thanks Procus !!!

  46. Deepshika Sharma

    Easy to carry and operate, it has good space to attach earphones and still maintains the feel. Good built quality and can be used for endless hours. Just love this product.

  47. Nancy Sharma

    Very nice, procus one is pretty cool and easy to use as the straps are also easily adjustable. great value for money

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Is there any remote control available with Procus One VR?
There is no remote control available with Procus One VR. But it has an inbuilt touch button at the bottom to use the device

What are the requirements of a mobile device to be compatible with Procus One VR?
It is suitable for most popular smartphone makes and models with 4.7″-6″ screens and a gyroscope feature.

Can we connect headphones/earphones with Procus One VR?
Yes, you can connect your headphones/earphones with it.