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Procus Urban Foldable

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Now add the sounds and rhythms to your boring life. Let our Foldable Bluetooth headphones bring joy to your drives, treks, holidays & more. Easy to carry on the go. Just don’t listen, feel it.

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Procus Urban Foldable

EXTRA SET OF WASHABLE EARPADS || We understand that headphones tag along with you everywhere and naturally they would need some loving. We’ve given an extra pair of ear pads which are washable to keep your Procus looking sharp all the time.

FOLDABLE, STYLISH, SPORTY AND COMFORTABLE || Premium rubber coated headphones giving it a very distinctive look. These are foldable making them easier to carry along.*Colors of the actual product may vary marginally from the images.

BLUETOOTH || Quick Bluetooth connectivity where you can connect 2 devices at the same time for wireless listening with the clearest sound upto 10 meters in open space.

SOUND ACOUSTICS & BATTERY LIFE || No crazy bass or treble that harms your ears and does not allow long-term usage. Procus Urban is fine-tuned audio for the sound clarity, being user friendly to the ears and providing 8 hours of play time.

CONTROL CALLS  || The in-built microphone lets you attend/make calls in between of music time.

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Procus Urban Foldable headphones comes in how many Colors?
It comes in trendy Matt Black Color.

What all Accessories do you provide with Procus Urban Foldable Headphones?
The accessories provided with Procus Urban Foldable Headphones are : USB Cable, AUX Cable and an Extra pair of ear pads.

Are the earpads detachable and washable?
Yes, the earpads are detachable and washable.

How to view the battery percentage of Procus Urban Foldable Headphones?
Once you connect the headphones with your phone, the phone/laptop will display the battery status on the top right corner. Certain Phone do not have this feature and hence the battery status is not visible. In event of the battery running low a voice command will remind you about low battery and suggest charging.

How to connect Procus Urban Foldable Headphones with device (mobile/laptop) through Bluetooth?
Turn on the Procus Urban Foldable Headphones and it will automatically start searching for Bluetooth connection. Now turn the Bluetooth of the mobile/laptop, search and select on ‘Procus Urban Foldable’. Once paired, you are ready to listen to any song of your choice.

How does the bluetooth connect with Procus Urban Foldable Headphones with two devices?
Procus Urban Headphones has a feature of getting connected with 2 devices at once. In that case, the song played on the 1st device is played in the headphone. The moment we stop/pause the song and play the song in the 2nd device, that song starts playing in the headphone.

Do you provide extra earpads with the Procus Urban Foldable Headphones ?
Yes, we are providing a pair of extra earpads with the Procus Urban Foldable Headphones.