Selfie Stick/Monopod


Extendable Handheld, lightweight and rust proof. Compact size allows you to carry in a backpack or slip in your back pocket. A perfect accessory for your action camera.

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  • It is customized with rust-proof aluminum body and allows you to use it in rain, snow and water.
  • Portable, extendable and compact enough to carry anywhere.
  • Use it as a camera hand grip for static or close-up shots when fully collapsed or as a longer mount.
  • For travel, family and friends reunions, trips, as well as hiking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing and kayaking/scuba diving, snorkeling. No matter indoor or outdoor activities, it is perfect for above/underwater sports video recording too. (This is NOT a Floating Pole and there is NO Button on this handle)
  • Compatible with Procus Epic Action Camera and Procus Rush Action Camera.

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