Things to have in your car for a road trip

March is marching ahead of us. The winters are bidding farewell, mesmerizing spring is around the corner, the exams are about to end. The pleasant weather with a fling of cold wave is all around. Now is the time to pack your bags and roll your wheels around your favorite streets. Yes, it’s time for a road trip. You can go out with your friends, family or all by yourself. Just a few cautious measures would ease your trip and make it a relaxing and fun activity you were craving for.
We know when you think of a road trip zillion of thoughts rush through your brain. Sometimes we skip a thing or a two. In order to avoid the chaos lets a chalk out a basic list of must haves in our prerequisites for a placid plan

Car Papers

Keep all the important documents related to car viz. Car RC, car insurance papers, pollution control certificate, etc in a kit box and yes, of course do not forget your driving license. We are sure you don’t want to get into trouble for forgetting your license.

First Aid Kit

Either you are travelling with a group or all by yourself. First aid kit is most important it might help you in case of emergency. A basic first aid kit includes antiseptics, band aids, cottons, painkillers, burn creams etc which will be a savior in case of immediate requirements.

Carry Light Snacks

To meet the uninterrupted travel cravings carry lighter snacks with you like wafers, oatmeal or multigrain bars, chocolates, pancakes, dry fruits etc. They gratify your immediate hunger pangs.

Large Water Bottles

Keeping thyself hydrated is a requirement one can’t deny. So keep yourself equipped with large water bottles or mini water campers. Water serve multi purposes also e.g. in case of need in the car. So keep a sufficient supply of water stored.


While you are munching on the snacks inside the car you gonna need a sanitizers. So keep one there in then. Also in your toiletries list include toilet paper roll, eco friendly wet wipes. Or either you can keep a hand towel.

Car Fresheners

Keep your car refreshed. Pick up your favorite fragrance jasmine, lily etc. It helps maintain good ambiance and also lifts up the mood. Make sure you keep one.

Car Bin

You don’t want to travel dirty. Put your garbage inside the portable car bin. It will not only make the car look organize but will also prevent it from micro bug breeding which means happy travelling.

Neck Pillow

While you are on a road trip a continuous position in a compact space can cause discomfort. Keep neck pillows in your car to stay comfy, you can also keep cushions as per your need and space.

Flash Light

If you are driving through deep dark valleys, or dusty roads at night you gonna need extra support of light for your car. You can carry solar flash lights or rely on battery flash lights for a longer drive.

Safety Measures

As famously said safety is no accident. So while packing your first aid kit, keep along a safety kit. Carry pepper spray, Swiss knife to assist you in time of need.

Jumper Cable

Jumper cables revives your engine in case battery dies also you can be a helping hand for someone else in their need. Keep longer jumper cables about 10 feet as they are much reliable.

Power Banks

Mobiles are the prime priority; we track location through Google maps and GPS etc which means continuous phone use and draining of the battery. To support your phone life while travelling long distances power banks are a second life for our mobile phones.

Dual Car Chargers

A dual car charger can be a life saver too, allowing you to keep your dash cam plugged in and simultaneously charging your phone.


Carry polarized sunglasses with a 400 UV ray protection. They protect your eyes from sun rays and also give you some really beautiful clicks to flaunt.


Carrying credit or debit card is not enough for you as you might not find the digital transactions possible everywhere. So it’s highly recommended to stuff your wallet with sufficient cash. Also try to keep loose change with you it might cause a problem especially if you are travelling to remote destinations.

Car Dash Camera

While on a road trip having a dash cam in the car gives you a sense of security as it records your travel and can be your savior in the hour of need. Dash camera acts as evidence in case of any unpleasant incident. Nowadays a lot many drivers mount the dash cam in the cars to have immediate evidence of any mishaps. Also it acts as guarding layer in case of any false allegations by fellow road drivers. It’s not just the safety guard but also your video recording friend capturing your joyous moments. Yes you can turn it around and get hold of those momentary emotions without putting effort to reach out your phone.

Road Trip Mix

A road trip with out music is unimaginable. Prepare in advance and keep your road trip music playlists ready. Music always enhances our travels and makes them more enjoyable. As Confucius has said “The journey is the reward” and it surely brings out the reward when you are prepared beforehand. We create magical memories of our happy travel time. Travel safe, be the motto in your mind while you hit the road this March.
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