Things you din't know you could do with your Action Camera

Who says action only happens when ‘Mountains are calling or Beach is home’?  You see action in everyday life. All you need to have is an eye for it. We buy the action cameras and keep waiting for the thrill to knock our doors. We often don’t buy it. But that’s okay, not all of us are adrenaline junkies. But, is this all an action camera can do? No, it’s time to break all the myths we have around action cameras and revamp our social media platforms like never before.
Check out these things an action camera you didn’t know is capable of!

Wide peripheral view from your building

You can go to Empire building and capture the majestic view it has. But, have you ever thought of mounting an action camera on top of your building? Capturing the time lapse may be? You would be shocked to see the mesmerizing transition your own surrounding has to offer you. What can I say nature can surprise you in multifarious ways! Do tell us later what your friends had to say about once you post it on social media.

Change the look of your room with zero efforts

Even the most active social media user can feel lazy. So what is that you can do to keep your followers entertained?  With wide angle feature of action camera you can have a perfect aerial view of your room. You simply have to hang it on your fan. Voila, you have the different perspective of your own room, may be a different perspective of a mess. Hey, no one’s judging here!

Cook with it

Most mundane tasks of our daily routine could be made interesting. Who knew slow-mo of blowing chapatti could be so fascinating. With the massive boost in food blogging genre the demand of action camera is increasing. For those who are into this business know the pain of holding the phone and cooking simultaneously. With the facility of head-strap you can make the world know that your action happens in the kitchen.  Get the deserving likes for the sumptuous food you create. May be share some with us?
If cooking is not your thing, then how about filming eating food at various restaurants with a first person angle. It might scare a lot of people around you who see a big camera sitting on top of your head, but it’s sure to be a hit on Instagram!

Relive the entire game

If your kid is playing  cricket or tennis for the first time there is one thing either you keep clicking his photos or cheer him through the match. However, attaching an action camera on the tip of the helmet or bat can give a whole new perspective of the game.  It’s a moment you captured for lifetime and a quick lesson to improve upon the game.

Stick on your pet

What does your dog do once you leave them behind? Easy, strap a camera around him. You would know all the actions you miss once you leave. However, strapping around a cat could be more interesting. You would know the mystery behind most of your stuff magically vanishing. Own a cat, you will never run out of content to post.

4 hours of get-together in a minute

As you grow old, get together with friends gets limited, but your memories should not. Place an action camera somewhere which gives the complete view of the party room. Make sure no one is missed. Do the time lapse of the party. It would not only be interesting for your followers to see but will also be happy realization that even after years none of your friends have changed.

Helium view of your city

Ok, this might just be next level. Get yourself a helium balloon strap your action camera to it. And, let it go up. This is of course is followed by some efforts like GPS tracking so that you don’t loose your camera. You will have to follow it all through and be more active when it falls. Just make sure you don’t topple. This could be a jugaadu drone. However, the recording of the city will get you the likes that no other posts could.

Put it in a washing machine

Did I mention that last one was next level? Hear this one out. Thinking what goes inside your washing machine? How do your clothes actually get washed? Never even thought about it? Need more hints. We can’t be more subtle as gun than this.

So there you have it. All the things you could do with an Action Camera but never thought of before. We hope you like the list, and we would love to know more about your own ideas in the comment section below.

And yeah, incase you fancy buying an action camera, head over to the PROCUS Action Cams

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