Top 7 water parks of India for perfect family vacation

Have you ever noticed the change in the television ads when summers kick in? All of a sudden all of these things are about cooling off the heat or kids getting drained because of scorching heat, all the soaps becomes the ‘thanda thanda, cool cool’ for some reason. But you sure have to admit, that these ads really sometimes make you want to visit a place which was relatively cooler. Hey, we all look for the shade under a tree. And, with school holidays coming in family vacations are a must! What’s better than splashing and riding crazy rides of water parks in your city! You can proudly say ‘water parks’ are calling me.
Check out the best water park in your city:

Water Kingdom, Mumbai
Water Kingdom of Mumbai is apparently Asia’s largest theme water park which has more to offer than from what you heard. It has the craziest ride and one is 7 storey slides for adults that take you to the speed up to 40 miles per hour. How fanatical is that? Hey, it’s okay if you are afraid of heights you can always enjoy splashing around water, walking on sprinklers and laze around shallow Coco beach and Mamma-Miya. Rain dance in summers might be a farfetched idea but not in this water park. With Bratzone you can dance the weekend away. So all you Mubaikars don’t sweat, just splash instead.

Adlabs Aquamagica, Off Mumbai – Pune Expressway
As beautiful the Mumbai-Pune Expressway the summers can get even more relaxing (Yeah! Guys summers can be relaxing trust me). The mesmerizing Expressway has been adorned with bad ass water parks of India. So here it is “Aquamagica”. The rides and slides are extreme and it will make you go like ‘summers the hell is that’. There are high drop and fall rides like Boomerango that goes zoop up the wall, to fall back with an experience of weightlessness. There are many such rides that can subside the adrenaline need in you.

Wonder La, Bengaluru
Bengaluru we all know is cyber city and we can understand the schedule can be hectic but look around there are ‘wonder’ful places you guys should visit. One such place is Wonder La aka Bengaluru’s sweet bae. This place as both land and water rides making it full ‘paisa vasool’ place to spend this summer. This place has a lot of things you can do like Rain Disco and the Adventures of Chikku but the main attraction here are the After Hours, which construes that even if you visit the park post 5pm there will still be so much for you to relish.

Wonder La Kochi
Bengaluru’s twin brother is a bae of heavenly city Kochi and absolute blessings for the locals. The amusement park has lot of fun rides like Boomerrang that can make your heart skip a beat. The water rides named Wavy & vertical Fall glides the rider down straight from the height of a six story building. You better have a strong will to do that. With other rides this place is a fun place to spend a summer day with your friends and family.

World of Wonder (WoW), Noida
Delhi, the first word that comes in mind is scorching heat and the pollution. With hectic commuting in the city the thought to immerse yourself in water 24*7 is natural. And there is no better place to visit than Worlds of Wonder (WoW) in Delhi. The place promises to offer varied range of water rides and large pool to just be a submarine may be. The park comes with kid –friendly rides which make it a perfect place to visit with family to just defeat the wrong intentions of sun.

Ocean Park, Hyderabad
The city of pearls, Hyderabad has one such place to offer to its resident where they can run away from the sharp sun rays. 20 kms away from the city in Gandipet Ocean Park is an intriguing amusement park which is equipped with exhilarating rides and the cool ambiance. There are water rides like Mushroom Umbrella, Floating Bridge, Wide Slide, Tube Slide, Tilting Bucket, Water Screen, Floating Bridge, Duck Jets and Corrugated Umbrella that can keep you thrilled throughout the day. Also, there is a separate section for kids and adult water activities. The Wave Pool here as well is a major attraction.

Aquatica Water Park, Kolkata
Humidity in the city Kolkata can take toll on its resident. As fascinating the city is with its intricate architecture and its artistic feel is, the heat can sour your experience. For those who could not make it to favorite hill station, Darjeeling then we has a perfect alternative for you i.e. Aquatica Water Park.
The main attraction of Aquatica is its Lazy River where you can spend hours and hours on pool floats sailing on its calm water… the perfect way to beat the heat.

Now that you know when you visit all these places you sure will have fun but do not miss to record all the fun memories with your loved ones. Oops! That needs a waterproof camera! We have got you covered. Check out our water proof action camera range with all the necessary accessories!
Happy Summer Guys!

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