Ultimate Travel guide before you leave for summer vacations!

Summer vacations, you most definitely deserve it! The feeling of no work and home-work can be exhilarating. With summers hitting the season’s next cycle, we all tenaciously start planning for our year’s most awaited outing. Deciding, whether to experience mountain’s chills or pleasant breeze of the beaches is all exciting. But, what’s daunting is the key essentials we tend to miss before we hit the road.
Bookmark this travel guide, for it will help you distress while planning for a trip eventually and avoid having oops moment like “I wish I had packed it too!” Read along for carefree travel this summer with this checklist ticked in your backpack, which should by the way be always light. But, we all know this fact. Isn’t it? Here are the guidelines you must follow to have perfect vacations this summer.

May the weather be good!
When you left from your city it was all bright sunny day! But, wait is it raining in your destination city? How is it possible? In just few hours of travel, the weather changed drastically. Wait, now you are not allowed to go near beaches? Wish you had read the weather reports before you left home, let alone you started planning? These situations not only turn out to be waste of time and money but are highly disappointing. It is always better to check the weather conditions at your dream destination and not merely wish “May the weather be good!”   
Get creative with toiletries
If you are traveling with girls there are chances that you have to see one bag only for their toiletry items. These are necessities. However, how creative you can get with the packing is your call. Each of such items can easily be packed in straws like items. Like literally! There are tons of DIY videos online you can check to minimize the weight of your favorite moisturizer, sunscreen etc. All you need is couple of straws, scissor and tape. This could actually be pre-fun you have before the trip.
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First Aid first
Your backpack should have good enough medicines to meet all medical contingencies. The key things you need to take care before packing first aid medicines is where your key destination is. If it is in the mountain you can keep medicines for motion sickness or if it is the beach then one should keep blister treatments medicines to prevent sea related illness. A medical kit should be customized basis the risks of the area you are visiting so that your experience is not ruined over some sickness.

Gadgets- Travel Assistance
The number of gadgets one owns is more than the count of friend one has. It is not even surprising how every need fulfilled is at just one click. Ironically, they have become an indispensible part. Starting from navigating through your ways with the help of GPS, flash night when it gets dark or getting closer to nature with favorite music playing in your headphones technology is essential when you leave before your exciting summer vacations. In addition, one must carry two cell phones, a data bank or Bluetooth speaker simply to cherish the bon fire with friends.
Keep documents handy
Your identity is the most prized possession. Passport is the most suitable identity document while traveling abroad. However, while traveling within nation you can always carry documents like driver’s license or nationally accepted Adhar card. The same can be required at airport or while boarding flights. However, these are also important in case of some emergency. Thus should always be kept handy and have copy of each.
Get smart with your cash
Often while traveling we are advised of pickpockets. Well, one must take these heads up seriously. Struggling inside out of the backups in search of money, that you kept deep inside pocket is an open invite to uninvited guests. So it is always smart to carry money in different sections of bags. As an alternative to get of situation where there are possible chances of being mugged, one can carry fake wallet. This is more applicable for globetrotters.

Waterproof action camera
Summer vacations if not spent splashing under water, then you have wasted the time. Be it the riverside tent in mountains or fascinating hotel near fancy beach, water sports are irresistible. Ranging from river rafting to jet skiing or para sailing, nothing should stop you from capturing these thrilling moments of your vacay. Thus, do not forget to carry a waterproof action camera with your self.
Here are the things you can do when not on vacations.
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