Unconventional uses of action cameras in Cricket

Cricket is not just a game but a phenomenon that raises the heart beats with each passing over. It’s a power-packed emotion which is warmly viewed and celebrated at a global level. With cricket fever going on we thought to come up with something which boosts our cricket, which raises the pro bar of the cricket and what better than an action camera. In this digital era, the broadcast of this most watched sport of the world have undoubtedly increased to manifold with the improvements in technology. Now you can view, review, or overview your favorite shots by watching the footage which was just a dream decade ago. And what fun it would be if we get to enjoy the cricket with a close watch over each and every movement with an Action Camera.
An action camera carries a lot of stimulating capabilities. They might not appear strong but they actually encapsulate the overall game view with their high-quality video range. These cameras are new gen marvel as said by many cricket gurus.
Unlike other recording devices which require extra effort care and space to place, Action cameras require minimal effort. They are generally very small in size and are designed to capture the wider views as much as possible. Being small in size they can be placed at any vantage point like over a helmet, cricket bat, practice net, etc. giving a much clearer and better view.
Now let us discuss in detail how an action camera is put in use and is helpful in leveling up the cricket game:-

Providing wide-angle shots

Most of the action cameras are able to record 4k videos in a top class quality without any disturbance because of their high sensors. They are able to capture video shots or photographs which can be quickly transferred to your phone using Wi-Fi. Better field view. An action camera has a wide-angle lens with a compatible focal length which allows the sensor to capture a better field of view approx 170 degrees.

On sporting equipment

You can use an action camera to record all possible unique camera angles. You can mount the camera on cricket bat, net, stumps to get a unique perspective video. Most of the action cameras have high frame rate so it gives a chance to get a better view.
Watch KKR Player Sunil Narine go BIG at training in the video shot on Procus Action Camera.


From bare-stare coaching to the new stat driven training, the game of playing and training have completely changed with an action camera. These cameras help in reviewing your game which further helps in drawing analysis, isn’t it interesting? Earlier VHS tapes were used which would take around 10 hours to view but now with the cam technology it has just become a 10 minutes process. The action cameras can easily connect with mobile and instant suggestive measures can be provided. A lot of coaches agree to the fact that it helps in providing multiple coaching to many students.

Game Viewing

Action cameras have enhanced the game not just for the players or coaches but also for the viewers. These cameras provide angles and shots which can be overviewed by the viewers through the big screens. They can actually feel the close connection with the game, even if they are sitting meters away from the players. So action cameras are pleasant pals for the game. The recent Australia-South Africa match saw broadcasters using some phenomenal angles to make cricket-watching a thrilling experience.
KKR Practice session before match | Shot on Procus Action Camera.

Decision accuracy in umpiring

This action-packed technology has empowered the umpire decision making. It helps in predicting and analyzing the swings and turns, the bounce of the ball, point of impacts and length of the ball. Umpire’s decision is a crucial one and this supportive technology has added a bounce to the decision making. There are fewer chances of error or cheating and instant feedback is provided. Also, the action camera works from different angles which provide deep penetration of the ball.

Game analysis

Another added advantage of this pro camera is that it helps in providing game analysis which would further improve the quality of the game and the game patterns. This reviewing can help in deriving the strategies for game and players can chalk out the average of their performances and improve their play.

Improves sportsmanship

With so much ongoing surveillance through an action camera, it becomes quite natural that there would hardly be any chance of cheating. In fact, if the former pro players are to be believed it would inculcate sportsmanship and gentlemen behavior on the grounds.
Technologies have raised the bar of cricket with several action packed innovations like action camera. An action camera is not just limited to the cricket but is put to use in several other sports. These are sturdy items which can create best time lapse and slow motion videos. They are strongly built to withstand a few knocks and have the ability to bear varied temperatures. A best action camera provides assistance to the players and raises the Josh.
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