Virtual Reality Technology: An unconventional gift for Real Life!

When you hear the word virtual reality somehow all kinds of games strike your head. The exhilarating thought to live your favorite game is almost dream come true, where you see the 3D of your favorite characters from the game. You get to have extreme control over the environment with real life experience. Isn’t that exciting to you? Of course it is. It gives you the exact feelings what it feels like to fall off the building without actually getting hurt!
Now isn’t that something you think we could have the liberty in other tangents of our lives, like if you were a medical student what would it be like to perform your first surgery, or if you were an architect the massive impression your clients will have they knew how exactly would their project would like?
We may have lived varying games through this unprecedented Virtual reality technology, now is the time we use it for our professional and monetary benefit! No harm, don’t you think? Giving the exact picture what your product will look like will not only save time, money and effort but also gives you an edge over others in your stream.
It is mind boggling how people are benefiting from Virtual Reality marketing. You name it and VR is there. Be it giving real time lectures on space to school kids, creating augmented environment of virtual showroom, real time experience of surgeries to Medical students, giving training to military soldiers in tensed environment to solving anxiety issues of people. VR is breaking all the barriers of real world. It basically is making real world better with its virtual feature.
And here’s the story of Mr. Patel Chintan Kishorbhai who is a live example who used Procus Pro VR to create a special spot for himself in the market of real estate. This resident of Ahmedabad is 3D Architectural Visualizer by profession. And he has used this technology of VR to the fullest by mastering 3D work like exterior 3D image, interior 3D image, walk through, 360 panoramic images which has given him added benefit over others in the same profession.
When client requires 360 panoramic images of my project, I show them by using Procus VR. When I visualize something for my clients sometimes it gets difficult t put across my thoughts, but with VR it has become easier to convert the clients. For me Virtual Reality is the next future of 3D world” says Mr. Kishorbhai.
The buzz of VRs may have subsided for now, but it’s the technology which has untouched potential which will catch the boom before even catch up! So keep up!
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