What are Action Camera Accessories Really For?

You know what makes superhero a real hero? It’s the smartest sidekick. For all who thinks “I have an amazing action camera, let’s travel”. It won’t take you more than one trip for you to realize the accessories required to make the action cams so good.  Think of recording a time lapse at the beach, what’s the next question that pops? It is whether you have waterproof case or a stand to mount the camera on for steady recording.  It is only one instance I have mentioned you know what all kind of travel and adventures you are capable of. Travelling with just an action camera won’t make the best content for your social media that I can guarantee you absolutely.
If you think it’s only about the selfie stick or some straps which will suffice then you are in for surprise. With plethora of options available you will know the barriers you can cross for all your travel diaries.

Waterproof Case

If you are an avid traveler you would know what is exactly being highlighted here. Often while travelling we encounter an occurrence that involves underwater experience. Be it swimming in the running stream, rafting, scuba diving or cliff jumping. Your underwater experience should not be deprived of being captured. Underwater adventure is indeed the most serene experience. So do not forget to pack the waterproof case with your action camera and challenge Poseidon for all kinds of adventure.

Floaty Floating

When your pain points are being taken care of it does feel special. Under wide blue sky imagine yourself floating on the crystal clear ocean. The world seems to be your own. While you seem to be basking in that sun light, you wouldn’t want to make any efforts. But still wish someone to record the dreamy moment? With the option of floating hand grip monopod allows you to lay back and relax and let the action cam do its job. Too bad you did not have it in your last trip? Plan well this time.

Action Selfie Stick

Selfie also called as monopods are the sticks where you mount your action camera to capture all the actions or click selfies at the most scariest places of all. Be it recording while skateboarding, capturing the cultural dance or amazing moments on the road without compromising quality of snaps a cam extender is one of the essential accessory. So extend the purview of your action camera by reaching the tightest angles.


Chest Strap

Placement of action camera can be one of the questions that might confuse the explorers. It completely depends on the choice of video angle required. Often while biking or riding bicycle, you wish to record a view where more of your arms and handlebars is visible then chest strap is the right option for you. These straps are usually adjustable with all shape and size.

Handgrip Strap

Climbing a mountain or surfing in the ocean, shoot the experience ‘first-hand’. With handgrip strap as an accessory you can wear the camera on your wrists like any other watch and capture your next move before you even witness it. Here’s the suggestion when you swimming this can give you all together different experience.

Head Strap

Head straps are another gear that helps you record the experience hands free. People who aim to show the trek or hiking route to its users through vlogging usually place the camera with help of head strap this gives the immersive view of the road map one is following while mountaineering or even biking.

Handlebar Mount

A handlebar mount is used to affix your camera to the handle of your bike for a first person driving video capturing experience or someone who simply loves mountain biking. This is what we have to tell you can obviously get more creative on its usage and greed for varied venture may be something like on fishing rod. But, you know the best! Don’t you?

Curved Mount

Curved mounts are specially designed for you to place your camera on helmet. Flat mounts are not as efficient as the round ones as they can be affixed comfortably for all your amazing biking diaries.

Backup Batteries

Action cameras often run out batteries because it sure can’t compete the energy you hold to click all crazy snaps. In such cases, a backup battery would be a perfect companion for your cam when time is not your constraint neither should be the backup. Professionals offer carry more than pack of 2 batteries to have uninterrupted experience. Hence it would be a good option to buy a pack of batteries instead.

Anti-Fog Inserts

While doing the underwater adventure shoot it is often noticed that camera lens gets foggy owing to temperature difference between water and air. To avoid the same, you would need anti-fog inserts to use with your cams. So now you realize the importance of sidekick?

Carrying Case for Action Camera

Alright now that we have discussed all the accessories that can help you give best-in-class experience of an action camera, a carrying case for all these become necessary, to keep all your items in place. This is helpful so that accessories are not misplaced and can be utilized when you hit the road next time.
Those who are thinking, after spending quite bucks on action camera, will now have to burn more than just few holes in their pocket to get these gears. But, with Procus you have a choice to get them all at just one click.
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  1. I bought the EPIC in Amazon.in . I did not receive any manual. How can I get help, I don’t know anything about this camera and what it can do..

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